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Doodlemum: A Year of Family Life

I posted a while ago about Doodlemum –  a blog in which Doodlemum (Angie Stevens) sketches everyday family life with charm, wit and love. Her sketches are both funny and moving with silly little incidents lovingly recorded in her Moleskine … Continue reading

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A Long Holiday – Sketches

Family S. went off on holiday to Loch Long this summer. We all had a fantastic time – how could you not in a location like this?         Our cabin was right on the beach. With a … Continue reading

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I don’t read womens’ magazines or gossip mags. I don’t watch gossipy, celeb, reality-type shows. But I do like trivial fluff from time to time and for that I turn to the Daily Fail’s gossip column on their website. Usually … Continue reading

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A Memo on Moleskines

Moleskine notebooks and sketchbooks are the stuff of legend. Anyone who’s anyone has used them: Picasso, Hemingway, Bruce Chatwin, Van Gogh…and Salemskye. Yes, for my out and about sketching (of which I really need to do more and share more) … Continue reading

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Culzean Sketching

Family SalemSkye had a wee trip out yesterday to Ayrshire. We went to Culzean Castle, well, the grounds and the beach because in actual fact inside Culzean Castle, which is more like a stately home, is rather dull and child-unfriendly. … Continue reading

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