A Halloween-y Hello!

I hold my hands high, I have absolutely neglected this blog for an unforgivable amount of time. I am sorry. Much worse, I have neglected drawing for the same amount of time. I have no excuses. The start of the summer holidays I was full of plans to spend lazy days drawing and sketching and then the days just passed in a fugue of keeping the kids entertained, catching up on TV and films and reading books. Then this happened –

Family Salemskye got a puppy. Her name is Brodie and she is clearly a beagle. Brodie after Chief Brody in Jaws – our favourite family film – though we changed the spelling to make it just a wee bit more Scottish. Brodie came into our family at 10 weeks old and being the first dog we have owned, she was a life-changing nightmare. I feared for the sanity of my family and I really didn’t believe we’d make it through puppy-training. However, we stuck at it and some 5 weeks later the puppy-training is going well and we have a new routine that suits us all. She is adorable. Yes, I know. But don’t let her looks fool you – she is also a terror. Leave a chair out at the dining table and she is up on the table wolfing down whatever tasty morsels she can find. Haribo mostly. Our metal kitchen bin clangs more often than school bells. Leave the kitchen door open and she’s off, up the stairs after the cat and the recently relocated cat food bowls. But then she curls up in my lap, looks up at me with those big brown eyes, snuggles down for an hour and suddenly those 6am poop-scooping sessions in the bitter cold are worth it. Just.

I have not been completely creatively devoid. As Halloween approaches – the best time of year in my opinion – my mind turns to all things pumpkin. Sending off a little Halloween outfit for my gorgeous nephew proved the best inspiration for a little drawing by way of a card. I gave the boys some A5 watercolour card and a bunch of ProMarkers and sat down to draw a wee card to accompany the gift.

Pumpkins are fantastic fun to draw; building up the warms oranges, yellows and reds and contrasting them with cool colours. I enjoyed this so much I set myself the task of drawing a haunted house with lots of pumpkins. So on A3 sketchpaper with a couple of Rotring Tikky Graphics I lined out this picture to colour in –

Broken picket fence? Check. Creepy trees? Check. Moonlit sky? Check. Haunted House? Check. And of course, pumpkins.

I grabbed my ProMarkers for the base colouring and on top I used Copic Ciaos.

It was a lot of fun to do and finally got me back to drawing. I now have a little selection of reference photos to choose from and I promise to pick one this week and get started again. Only thing is…there seems to be a lot of beagle puppy pictures…don’t know where they came from.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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