WetCanvas Coloured Pencil Exchange

Back in March, the members of the online art forum WetCanvas, specifically the Coloured Pencil forum, floated an idea to organise an art exchange. Everyone who was interested signed up and later WC member Candle, teamed up duos. This was not to be a straight swap, but X would create for Y, Y would create for Z. You would draw something for one member and receive something from another. It was a good idea and something tangible, something concrete in your possession – not often possible with online communities. I signed up and eventually was given G to draw something for and to receive something from C. I can’t share what C has drawn for me because alas, he hasn’t made the deadline, but I am excited to now be able to share what I drew for G. G is an excellent coloured pencil artist, one I can only hope to aspire to, so drawing something complicated was out of the question. I knew that G loved the colour combination of orange and blue together, so I decided to draw him a poppy on a blue background and style it somewhat so that it resembled a rich tile.

I used a nice piece of Stonehenge paper and squared off, using an embossing tool, the tile area I wanted to paint. I wrote a little note to G at the side, so as it would be a reminder of our participation in the event.

Using various pencils, mostly Derwent Coloursoft to get that rich, smooshy patina for the tile-look when burnished, I built up the colours of the background and the poppy itself. It took dozens of layers and I burnished it with my Lyra Splender and lighter shades of the ones I had just used. I sent it off to America with a deep breath and hoped that G liked my simple painting but one that I chose with his colour preferences in mind.

He did, and the reveal thread went up on the 2nd of June, giving all participants the chance to see what everyone painted and received. I am pleased to report that everyone’s work was beautiful and it was fun to do, reaching across cyberspace.

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