I’ve got a Lovely Pear

Among my other interests is reading. Books that is, not cereal packets. I get recommendations from newspapers, friends, a book forum of which I am a member and occasionally Scott Pack’s blog, meandmybigmouth. Scott recently recommended Florence & Giles by John Harding which was just superb. Scott writes himself under the pseudonym Steve Stack and recently published a book reminiscing over things we don’t see anymore and one of those things was handwritten letters. This prompted Scott to create The Handwritten Project and he offered to write to anyone interested. To thank him for Florence & Giles I volunteered and received a lovely wee note from him. In return, Scott received from me a lovely pear –

Derwent Coloursoft on a Hahnemeuhle postcard. On the reverse I sent Scott one of my favourite excerpts in literature:

“He hoards her in his heart. He cannot bear to see a cloud upon her face. He cannot bear to see her sit apart. He fancies that she feels a slight, when there is none. He steals away to look at her, in her sleep. It pleases him to have her come, and wake him in the morning. He is fondest of her and most loving to her, when there is no creature by.”

It is from Dombey & Son by Charles Dickens. Sentimental? Yes. Soppy? Yes. Sickly sweet? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely.

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