Happy Halloween!

Over at Big Tattoo Planet, a forum for tattoo fans, enthusiasts and artists, there are a lot of budding tattoo apprentices and would-be apprentices. Therefore you find a lot of members posting their artwork, tattoo inspired or not. Some get constructive criticism, some get things that have been said a hundred times to a hundred people. Anyway, there is a weekly art competition, the winner of each week picking the following week’s topic. Participation has dwindled which is a shame because I enjoy looking at the entries. A shame, and yet I have never joined in…till now. The theme for this week was lights, of any kind, and I thought, “Well, there’s only one kind of light worth drawing in October.” And here’s my entry:

On black Daler-Rowney A3 paper, I used Derwent and Cretacolor pastel pencils. My first real effort with pastel pencilsĀ  rather than just mucking about. I really enjoy pastel pencils; the broad sweeps of intense colours and the endlessly blendable pigment. They layer quicker than coloured pencils and are wonderfully soft. My only niggle is that when you spray the work with fixative, (unless you want your work to be a smudged pile of powder), is does darken and make grainy the pastel and you have to keep touching up to add your lights. Still it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. Brilliant Halloween drawing!

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