Lily’s Unicorn

I find myself drawing another unicorn. When I gave the pupil whom I drew the last unicorn for, I got asked by my friend E to draw another for her niece. Using Prismas again, I decided to also try out the new Kraft brown card I bought recently. I have seen a few coloured pencil artists use it to great effect. Combined with prismas, the card gives the coloured pencils great depth and vibrancy. It’s also ridiculously easy to draw on.

Sorry about the lighting in the photo on the right. I was working by lamp light (no, I didn’t travel to the 19th century). It casts an ugly yellow glow.

And so, here’s the finished piece. I added my friend’s niece’s name in silver Zig pen with a little black shadow to make the lettering stand out. I think it worked out quite well. Even an old goth like me will concede that it’s very cute.

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