After I drew the magical, colourful unicorn for a pupil, I was asked by my friend E to draw her a unicorn for a niece and, by the way, could you do a Harley Quinn for my son? Not Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn but a more Disney-fied version that apparently is a popular doll. Finding a reference online, I sat down with some Kraft brown card and Prismas. Now, I have complained numerous times about the quality of Prismas and their rubbish cores but if you set that aside they are rather great to draw with; creamy, blendable and very bright on Kraft paper. Also, Kraft brown paper, a new discovery, is wonderful to draw on. It’s rough enough to layer on and makes coloured pencils sing.

I started with the hotpants and already I am a little concerned that the crotch highlights are a little…off. A quick check with hubby confirms my doubts and I know I’ll need to come back to that.

Doesn’t the coloured pencil really stand out on the Kraft paper?


The hair was a lot of fun to draw. It’s less detailed and gives me scope to draw long fluid lines. The curl on the blue streak side is a lot of fun too.

Actually this whole piece is a lot of fun.









I have added my friend’s son’s name into the background as graffiti – it stands out well because I layered white and the chosen colour. Lastly I added 3 little diamantes on Harley Quinn’s belt for the studs I was too lazy to draw in!

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