Mad about Mousepads

The department where I work recently held a little event to raise awareness of Autism and get a little money to make the department more welcoming and fun for the pupils. A donation of 200 mousemats meant we had to come up with a creative idea to get them sold. First of all I used a shop-bought stamp with lino cut ink, which worked pretty well.

But my friend pointed out that they weren’t very girly and I was restricted by only really having this Sugar Skull stamp which was large enough to make a statement.


Before Christmas I bought a lino cut set with it in mind to try some lino printing at some point. This was that point. I leapt straight in, carved a ‘girly’ flower print and got printing. I found it quite easy to carve the lino after drawing on my design with a permanent marker. Carving is easier than I thought it would be and yet I still managed to jam the carving knife into my thumb at one point.

Still, look!










The roller and the ink make it really simple and I am really looking forward to having a go at lino printing again without the time pressure.

A little coda, we raised 924 pounds on the day which is quite incredible!










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