A ‘C’ special catch up

So another little catch up, just to bring us right up to date. During my haitus, my friend C asked me to design a tattoo for her. She is a huge Terry Pratchett fan and following his death she wanted to commemorate him. She chose a line from his last book and I came up with a few ideas. This is the one she went with –

‘The magic was already here’ in the shape of a witches hat. I don’t have any photos of my actual design or the other options and I thank C for the photo used here. It makes me so pleased to see it on her foot.

Speaking of C, she is our school librarian and she often asks me to do a little creative work for her. A Game of Thrones inspired poster for her Readathon (no photo regretfully), a little ghost with ‘Libscary’ on it for Halloween (no photo regretfully) and this, dripping green slime for her Halloween display. Credit goes to C too for her photo and the creative tweaking too.

And to finish off the C trifecta, I include a little coloured pencil painting I did for her of her cat. I did start to take progress shots –





But these are the only ones I could find. Thank you again to C, for her inspired photos of the finished piece, framed and placed in amusing areas over the real pet –









And there we are. A C trifecta of catching up.

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