Hello again!

Ok, so I have been AWOL from this site for quite some time. Truth is, I lost my drawing mojo. Life took over for a little while. And I missed it, I have really missed drawing and just having fun with little creative projects. I even stopped taking photographs. All the things that brought me joy and kept me sane. But I am back again. It wasn’t a total creative desert. I made a poster for work – a little poster directing pupils (and more importantly HMIE) to our English department. The only photo I have of it is when it was half-finished. I added on other genres.

From memory, and it shouldn’t be so difficult because I see this in situ every day, I added Western (a cowboy boot), Adventure (a hot air balloon)…and my memory has failed.

I decorated two blank birthday cakes for my gothic-horror obsessed eldest child. A little black sugar paste icing and red food colouring and voila! we have a Penny Dreadful cake and a Game of Thrones cake.The Hodor is his.

And a few other things that I’ll share over the coming days, just to get back on track. One thing I would like to do though, is stress how important being creative is, it doesn’t even matter if you are a creative person, but the very act of creating forces you to zone out of all the drama, lists, minutiae of life and just be. I have sorely missed that. And this site. Hello again!

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