This piece was a special one to do. The Beagle community is large and when a member loses one, others wish to mark that event. This was what led me to this drawing, Cuillin. I haven’t drawn such a light coloured beagle and it was nice to do, especially those big expressive eyes.






IMG_2703IMG_2704Usually, I draw the eyes last but recently I have taken to drawing the eyes in first when tackling the centre of the subject’s head, it seems to make it easier to curve the fur around the eye, as if the eye is the very centre of the fur and everything spirals out from there. It does make it more natural when starting that big body of fur in the centre.






IMG_2775I added some blue into to white fur as Cuillin’s reference photo was quite shadowed on one side of the face. It’s a brighter and more pleasing shadow than just greys.

And so the finished piece, which oddly, leans best to be seen from the side, it must be Cuillin’s beagle tilt –


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