Beagle Smoosh

It’s been a while but I have been working on a piece – it won’t come as any surprise that it’s of a beagle. Actually, it’s 2 beagles – SURPRISE! A veritable beagle smoosh. I am using the smooth side of Mi-Tientes and Faber-Castell Polychromos for this piece and I don’t know what kind of good fortune has befallen me, but I have discovered that this is the absolutely best combination of paper+pencils+my style that I have ever come across. It’s bliss and is working out fabulously well. So much so that I may have to trim down my coloured pencil and paper collection – what’s the point of having such a collection now?

Anyway, here’s where I started. I can’t show where I am until the piece is complete and given to the owner.



While I am using Polychromos, I am using a white Prisma pencil for the really white bits of fur and granted, I moan a lot about Prismas, but this is one pencil that has lasted till the bitter end –

IMG_2091That really is the last few millimetres of the pencil. I stopped using it because I couldn’t sharpen it anymore, it was just spinning in the pencil extender.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have an update soon.

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