Fabriano Ingres Pastel Paper

IMG_1574While I have beginning a relationship with pastels, I have been watching a few YouTube videos of the pastel artist Colin Bradley and I noticed that he uses Fabriano Ingres pastel paper, so I thought I would get some.

On a certain jungle-y internet retailer, you can get 50 sheets of 160gsm, 35 x 50cm sheets for around £20.00 – which surely is the bargain of the year? I chose to get grey as I do most of my drawing on grey paper. Colin Bradley tends to use sand coloured Ingres but that’s too warm for my tastes. Grey is a great neutral, but neutral with an edge.

It is a nice paper and while I can’t give you a complete review having not used it yet, I can tell that I will like it – even for coloured pencil. It is quite like Mi-Tientes but instead of the waffle texture there is a subtler, rectangular, grid-like texture. It’s smoother too yet robust enough to deal with my heavy hand. And luckily I have plenty to play with!


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