Beagle Welfare Fun Day

IMG_0759I own a beagle and in this day and age there are many outlets for you to actively ‘own’ something. So I joined a few beagle Facebook pages and sometimes go to the Beagle Racing in Kincardine. It exists! And it is fun! Through all this I became aware of Beagle Welfare – an amazing charity that solely concentrates on re-homing and fostering beagles. Back in early June, there was a Beagle Racing Fun Day held at Kincardine and the main aim was to raise funds for Beagle Welfare.

Many great people did various things to raise funds and I offered to put a pet portrait up as a raffle prize. The organisers decided to make it part of an auction. I am so pleased to say that it raised £90.00 for Beagle Welfare and the winner was a lovely lady called Paula with her lovely beagle Max.

I have been working on that the last few weeks in between various things; school closing for summer, going into hospital when a mean horsefly bit my arm and gave me cellulitis…that’s the skin infection not saggy bum. I’ll be able to post pictures soon once Pauls has received the finished piece.

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