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It was my 40th birthday recently. I can say that now, after the event, and in some ways I am kind of proud of turning 40. It was a very different story prior to the event of course. Anyway, this auspicious event meant that I received some very lovely pressies – a lot of which I will be posting about over the next wee while.

But this has to be first – A box of 72 Unison pastels, the basic colours. This, the most handsomest set of pastels, came in a large, sturdy black box with a simple, elegant label. It opened up to a delight of colour, each pastel an individual shape, hand-rolled using the finest pigments. The pastels themselves are butter soft, crumbly and with the lightest of touches lay down thick, dense pigment. The range of colours are organised in value and hue and the pastels are thumb-thick. Gorgeous.

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