Faber-Castell Polychromos Pastels

We all know how much we love Faber-Castell’s Polychromo coloured pencils, so I couldn’t resist getting a box of their Polychromo Pastels. I envisioned a real workhorse of a pastel block, bright and dense colour and pigment, unbreakable and fun.







Well, you can see from these pictures that I wouldn’t be disappointed. A box of 60 pastels and a great range of each colour – especially the blues and green. The metal box also matches perfectly with the Polychromos and Pitt Pastel boxes – which is nice, like a little Faber-Castell family.

The square pastels are 8cm long and about 7mm thick and don’t break easily. They came through the post without any damage at all. Unlike the Contes. But they are thinner so maybe not fair to grumble.



I do my colour swatches on rough cold-press watercolour paper, and I had to go back and forth a little to get a good covering.  There was dust and crumbles but this is common on the sharp edges of the pastel. Faber themselves point out that the pastels have a outer shell that needs to be worked off with a few swipes before you start using them. Then they are lovely and smooth. Nice bright selection of colours and hues though. The Silver, Gold and Copper pastels aren’t dusty at all – waxy and super smooth instead. They are more like crayons.

I thought also it would be worth including the Faber-Castel Lightfastness information for their Artists range – hopefully you’ll be able to see it. * for reasonable lightfastness, ** for good and *** for the highest degree. From left to right you have Albrecht Durer, Polychromos CP, Polychromos Pastels, Pitt Pastels and Pitt Pens. The Polychromo Pastels range between ** and ***.





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