Conte a Paris Pastel Pencils






I picked these up this week, well, I wish I had picked them up rather than ordered them online because, and this is probably reflected in the price, they come with very little protection for the pencils and my tin arrived partially opened, pencils out of their little beds, dusty, messy and the tin was bashed. A couple of tips had snapped too. Still, other than that, they looked quite good.

These are very thick-barrelled pencils with thick, chunky cores too. Nothing fancy in the livery, just self-coloured barrels with the colour codes. IMG_0732

Doing my little colour swatches, I found the pastel pigments dense and not too dusty, a great range of colours especially skin tones, and you can be quite neat and detailed with them. Obviously too, the chunky pencils and cores will allow for more expressive drawing.

Conte a Paris is obviously a good make too and historically used by many great artists, but there is no lightfastness information and the tin is shocking – but as I said, this is reflected in the price because they were very reasonable indeed. There is no lighfastness information at the Conte website but they do stress the choice of pure pigments and artist quality.


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