Glasgow Museums Art Competition

For over 100 years Glasgow Museums, in particular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, have run an art competition for individuals and schools. I remember taking part when I was at High School, proof positive that it has, indeed, been running for 100 years. I have a vague but warm memory of going there with my class, maybe in second year, having to pick an object to draw, spending the day drawing it and handing it in. I didn’t win but I remember painting (yes, painting!) a little stuffed bird, maybe a chaffinch.

So when I saw that the competition was open for this year, I thought I would take some pupils along to participate – after all, my last bunch had done so well. Plus it would be a lovely way to spend a working day. Off we went.




IMG_0490I did plan to do a little sketching myself but I forgot that I was ‘adult in charge’ and had to continually check on the pupils. After a quick walk round, they all ensconced themselves off to a wee nook or cranny and settled in to create their masterpieces.

They all chose very different subjects: butterflies, heads, stuffed deer,  hieroglyphics and portraits, in very different mediums: soft pastels, biro, and coloured pencil. We had 1st years to 5th years involved and all had a ball.

We handed in our effort and now hope for the best.

And hope that we’ll be allowed back on the bus again some time soon.

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