Leisure Painter and The Artist Competition

Back in February, I wrote about the Leisure Painter and The Artist Competition in partnership with Jackson’s Art Supplies asking for entries with the theme of butterflies. Now that I have finished my entry for the Strathmore Wonders of Winter Competition, I thought it would be a great idea to throw myself straight into my entry for this competition. Especially as it is the Easter holidays and I have time to spare. I merged a few of my photographs to create my composition.



I took a lovely photo of a purple hyacinth a few years ago. I love these flowers: the colours, the smell, the stucture. Then I added in two images of a butterfly I took a photo of when I was in Shetland a few years ago.

Using Canson Mi-Tientes A4 paper and Derwent Coloursofts I began. I love Mi-Tientes, it’s so robust and fun to draw on. It doesn’t put up any protests and just lets you get on with what you need to do. I chose Coloursofts because they have a lovely range of pinks, blues and purples and they are easy to blend and smooth.

IMG_0646Here’s a close-up of what I have done so far. It’s a little darker than in real life, though the picture above has a good representation of colour.

I feel that I am going to lose myself in all those purple petals – but what better way to go?

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