Sennelier Soft Pastels

Sennelier is one of those names that you hear a lot when people talk about soft pastels. And I thought it would be good if I got a small box to try them and see where I lay on the firm or soft divide when it came to pastels. IMG_0439So I got a basic selection of 40 half-sticks.

They come in a nice box with foam inserts – not as impressive as the Rembrandt box but adequate. I didn’t feel so bad about decanting them to my pastel trays and getting rid of the box. My Rembrandts will stay in their luxurious home.

On opening the box, I immediately saw that the pastels were more brightly coloured, more densely pigmented and much more dusty than other pastels that I have. There was a strong but perfect shadow of each pastel indented on the foam insert. There is also no wrapper on the pastels – too small I guess – so my fingers got really messy doing my colour swatches.

IMG_0437You can also see how messy my card got too! But you can also see how dense the pigment is. The pastels are very crumbly, super soft and one – the scarlet – practically disintegrated in my hands. I saved all the wee chunks in the hope that they can still be used somehow.

I think I already know that I am a ‘firm’ tribe member, but these may be great for finishing touches here and there – they will really do the job when you need it.

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