Rembrandt Soft Pastels – 90 Portrait

IMG_0445Look at that box. Gorgeous isn’t it? Sturdy, black, classy. Let’s look at it before I reveal its contents.






Rembrandt seem to be the go-to recommendation when first dipping your toes in the soft pastels world so this box – 90 Portrait Selection – seemed like a great deal. The sticks are big, about the size of a finger, and they are heavy too. A great selection of colours too.

IMG_0446As is my tradition, I did my little colour swatches to get a brief feel for the pastels and so I’d have a wee record of what the colours look like on the page. The sticks are much more firm than I expected, a little dusty, but dense, smooth, and easy to use colour. I can’t wait to start playing with them for real.


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