Everyday Matters Challenges

My youngest and I have decided to do the Everyday Matters (Danny Gregory) drawing challenges this year. Yes, all 328 of them. You can find them here. So tonight, after hotfooting it over to Hobbycraft to pick up youngest a sketchbook – he had to pick his own, we started our challenge.

IMG_0299We couldn’t decide how to pick a challange each day. Do we start at number 1? Do we start at number 328? We decided random would be more exciting. I printed out a list of the challenges, cut them into strips and stuck them in a box. Each night we will pull one out and go with it. Youngest has a Daler-Rowney sketchbook, I have a Stillman & Birn.

First out the box was 213 – Draw a microwave oven. A little anti-climatic to be sure but good practice for youngest with straight lines and little details. Here’s our results:





I intend to post our challenges each day. Sometimes with a little chat, sometimes just the drawings. Hopefully this will be fun for youngest and he won’t give up!

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