A Fling with Bling

A break from the normal, but this was a fun project and I wanted to share it. My friend’s friend is throwing a 90th birthday party for her mother and my friend asked me if I could make a sign for the party. Rather than pressies the mother wants guests to give to charity and the family need a sign for the area where people can donate. I’ll never be that selfless at 90. So the brief; must be silver to match the rest of the decorations, must be silver on silver, must be sparkly and “blingy” as  mother is a bit of a magpie. Now, “blingy” I am not, but I am female and quite like a bit of sparkle, so I thought I could do this.

I couldn’t work out how I was going to write ‘Charity Donations’ in silver on silver card and make it stand out, so I compromised.  I bought black card, black mount board, silver holographic star card, silver glitter card and teeny-weeny diamantes. I drew the letters and added all the diamantes by hand. This is what I came up with –

I haven’t delivered it yet so I don’t know if it meets my friend’s requirements, but I like it and I think I managed to do ‘classy blingy’ if such a thing exists.



25th May 2011

Update: I delivered the sign this morning and after a gasp of delight (which pleased me no end) I heard the words we sometimes fear “Now I know where to come if I need anything else made!”


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