Jasper the Beagle

Another beagle?! Yes, another beagle. I love them, they are fun to do and they come in all different colours and poses, it feels like a new subject every time. Plus, I see the cutest photographs of them just begging to be drawn. This time, a huge thank you to Caroline and Jasper for letting me use their wonderful photograph as reference.

I am using my Lyra Rembrandts on buff-coloured Mi-Tientes paper. It is approximately A4 size.








It’s going well so far. On this paper though, the Rembrandts feel rubbery and sticky. Laying them down it’s almost as if they are not coloured pencils but rubbery crayons. It is hard to get detail and the pigment and cores act more like paint and blend together too quickly. Also the white doesn’t pop as it should. I have found that using a White Prismacolor is helping with that and laying it down first as a base for the white helps the Lyra’s work better to my needs. Even though the Prisma breaks more than it holds its point. But the combination allows for lots of layers. I am looking forward to drawing the rope toy – I am enjoying these pictures with objects alongside the dogs – it allows for a little more fun away from fur.


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2 Responses to Jasper the Beagle

  1. lukasz says:

    Hi. Don’t keep your rembrandts near radiator or under light on your desk. Or even better put your pencils in the fridge for some time. These pencils are heat/cold sensitive. I have similar issue with Prismas. During summer the room temperature in my flat reaches 40C ( i don’t have air con ) and pencils then are great to use, soft and creamy. When room temperature settles in autumn to around 25C Prismacolors become harder and I don’t like them anymore. Not as much as in the summer 😉 Pardon my English and all the best. Lukasz, Republic of Poland.

    • SalemSkye says:

      Hi Lucasz, thank you for your advice – storage tips are always welcome here. I keep all my pencils away from light, radiators and windows so I am not aware of any great changes in temperature that should affect them. I think the Rembrandts just don’t like the rough surface of pastel paper very much and blunt quickly making them more crayon-y. The Prismas cope better with that surface and give a much better finish. So despite my annoyance with the quality control at Sanford, I may just have to keep fighting with them to get that creamy finish. Thanks for visiting and commenting and your English is pretty perfect!

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