Strathmore Pastel Paper

If there are, and I sincerely hope there are otherwise this is the modern equivalent of being locked into a padded cell, readers of this blog then you’ll know that I have come to prefer pastel paper for drawing with coloured pencils rather than other papers. Eager to try some different varieties I bought a pad of Strathmore Pastel Paper. Strathmore supports are popular in America, especially their sketchbooks and journals.


The pads come in three sizes: 9 x 12 in, 11 x 14 in and 18 x 24 in. All have 24 sheets of 5 tints: cream, stone, blue, olive and dark stone and are 80 lbs.

The two reasons I like pastel paper to draw on are the tooth and the robustness. Pastel paper is tough despite its relative light weight. It will take a lot of abuse and erasing. The tooth is much rougher than normal drawing paper (like Stonehenge for example) and will take a lot of layers. It does take work to fill the tooth admittedly but the tooth can also work to your advantage creating texture to your piece. I recently used it for the CPM Challenge for June, the texture creating the perfect base for sand. Strathmore’s pastel paper is much more textured than a paper like Mi-Tientes even though it is thinner – you may prefer to use the smoother back side of it.


I like it. It didn’t disappoint.  Strathmore have provided a nice selection of colours, though I would like to see some dark colours, it’s sturdy and has an interesting tooth that forces you to work a little harder, a little more creatively.

One day I will actually use pastel papers for their intended purpose. I am interested and curious about pastels and maybe one day this blog will see me try to get to grips with pastels. Won’t that be exciting?



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