CPM Monthly Challenge – June 2013

I previously said that I didn’t have time to submit a entry for the Colored Pencil Magazine Challenge for June and I didn’t. But then, last night two things occurred to me. Firstly, the hourglass that my friend B bought for me would look nice with shells in it. Little lightbulb went on. Secondly, the CPM Challenge for June closed in 1 day. Lightbulb burned brighter.

IMG_8113So I decided to set aside today to get my idea down and submitted. I pulled out my printed copy of the reference photograph by Sally Ford that I had filed away under ‘Maybe One Day’. shell

I sat in the sun with Caran D’Ache Pablos and a nice sheet of Strathmore cream Pastel paper that I bought recently (I’ll do a proper review of that soon).

Time, obviously, was an issue and it forced me to work a bit looser, a bit freer than I would normally work and the paper is quite rough and toothy so it forced me to be more expressive than I am. I am Scottish after all, we are a dour lot. The only area that I was quite rigid with was drawing out the hourglass shape and transferring it to the support. Anyway, some sunny hours later and a sunburned neck and this is what I came up with and submitted in the nick of time –


Quite a leap for me really, but we’ll see how it gets on.




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