Derwent Pastel Paper

I promised you, back in March, a proper review so a quick mash-up of my thoughts.



On the 19th of February, Derwent announced the release of their first Pastel Paper pad, especially designed with pastel pencils in mind. They come in A5, A4 and A3 size with each pad containing 24 sheets of 200gsm paper. The paper is a neutral grey, quite pale and Derwent assure us that it is an “optimal” tone for pastels.  Now, I am increasingly finding that pastel paper (Mi-Tientes, Daler Rowney Murano) are the best supports for coloured pencil work, so I bought the A4 pad. It is a lovely pale grey, neither cold or warm, and it is much smoother than I expected, no visible tooth.


I recently used this paper for a challenge piece, Black Grapes. I used various coloured pencils on Derwent’s new Pastel Paper. I loved this paper – it is like using sanded pastel papers without the abrasive quality. It takes the pigment very well and allows for a lot of layers without any trouble. Blending is easy too and the grey shade look fantastic behind your painting. Prismas, however…it hates them. It may be a wax pencil issue, but Prismas do not work well. Maybe as a last layer but they fill the tooth too quickly, make the surface too greasy and they do not play nicely with other pencils on this support. Coupled with the other problems I have experienced with Prismas lately, I know this isn’t the paper’s fault and I will continue to use this paper. Highly recommended.

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