Lanarking About

A colleague’s brother is turning 40 and said colleague has bought him a first edition of Alasdair Gray’s Lanark. Said colleague asked me to make a birthday card in the style of Gray’s illustrations for Lanark. A lot of black ink and detail. I had to first come up with a design that befitted the coming of age and keep it in style with the original illustrations. Birth and death, morning and night…the passage of time. Then I wanted to incorporate Glasgow and London as the brother lived and lives in both.

For the actual card itself I used Strathmore Acrylic paper for the base and standard heavy watercolour paper for the illustration which was attached to the base card with double-sided foam tape so that the illustration would stand out from the base. Inside I attached a sheet of Polydraw paper for the message leaf. I then made a simple envelope with black Derwent paper and added a A6 mountboard frame and wrote inside. Various pens (Rotring Tikky Graphics, Zig Gold/Silver and Prismacolor liners) were used and this was the finished card –






















And this is the book cover that inspired the card:


I hope colleague and brother like what I came up with. Happy 40th Birthday James!

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