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I’ve been treating myself and stocking up. Derwent brought out a limited edition box of 12 new Coloursoft colours under the banner of ‘Fashion’. They come in lovely tin with an illustration by Niki Pilkington:

IMG_6841 IMG_6840

When you hear ‘Fashion’ you think gawdy, temporary, bright, pretentious…well, at least I do but then I am not the most fashionable person you’ll ever meet. I mean, I like clothes…and for public safety I wear clothes, but I don’t slavishly follow their creation. I believe Victoria Beckham makes dresses…I digress. But this collection’s palette is, happily, lovely. Muted, earthy and rich. The Magenta is pleasingly shocking but the rest are muted and very natural. I think they’ll complement the existing Coloursoft range nicely and will add an extra dimension.

I stocked up on Mi-Tientes pastel paper too. It has become my favourite support and with a large range of colours, you can’t really go wrong.

IMG_6845 IMG_6844

Single A3 sheets bought from Millers Art Store in Glasgow (the only place I’ve found that you can get a massive range of Mi-Tientes, 40p for A4 and 75p for A3) and an A3 pad of 20 sheets from an eBay seller. Exciting.

In completing my recent commission of Snoopy and other recent pieces, I was struggling with Prismacolors – I am sure I mentioned it. So I went through every sharpener I had to see what would work with them and stop them breaking all the damned time. This worked:

IMG_6842This. A cheap little sharpener that I have no idea where it came from, what brand it is…or why it bloody works. But it does and boy, has it saved my sanity. So much so that I went and replaced wrecked Prismas –



Bought from the fast, efficient and hassle-free 1Buy1Pencils. I know I said I wouldn’t buy Prismas again but as long as this little sharpener is in my possession then I’ll buy them. I suggest Sanford get a hold of this sharpener, break it down, study it, then replicate it ten-fold. Just not mine.

Talking of Snoopy – here he is all matted and mounted and waiting to go to his new home. His proper home:





And as a treat, here is a sneaky peek at my current work in progress:

IMG_6847Prismas (provided my sharpener holds out) on blue Mi-Tientes, A4. And provided I get an iota of time to get on with it, I’ll update properly on it soon.



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