Brodie – Last Update Before Finishing

A lot of work drawing today and I am finally *nearly* finished. For all intents and purposes, I am finished but I like to come back in a couple of days to do some final touch ups.

IMG_6776I began today by lightly laying down the bases for Brodie’s area. I noticed too, now that I have to pay more attention to her eye, that I haven’t quite got her eye right – it’s slightly too high up, flat-looking and just not…right. But that can all be fixed easily. As with her ear that I detailed earlier, work on her face is just a matter of building up layers and adding details. I also finished off her white neck fur, making one side darker than the other.


After all my work today, I emptied out my pencil sharpenings to count up the amount of broken cores:




This is just the broken cores, not the shavings from standard sharpening. I think I have halved my Prisma Periwinkle and it was used so little. My Clay Rose is going to need replacing and again, used it so little. Not good really is it?

So here’s where I have left off today. I’ll come back to the painting on my drawing board over the next couple of days, do a little touching up here and there and I’ll post the finished result.


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