Brodie – Further Progress

Brodie, the real puppy, got dressed this week so hadn’t been out for a walk all week. We took her out for a walk this morning and this afternoon as I drew she lay near me in a little sun spot –  IMG_6767

I wish I could sleep like that.  Anyway, further progress on Brodie the painting. I have completed the tiny bit of her left eye socket that you just see peeking from behind her muzzle and right eye socket and laid down some basic structure for all that white fur. I am going to lose a white Prisma doing this fur. Colours used: White, 50% French Grey, Blue Slate and Periwinkle. It’s going to need more darker shading as the right hand side of her neck is much darker in the reference photo. Also I think her mouth isn’t jutting out enough and I think that’s down to shading again. We’ll see.

IMG_6768Unfortunately, I think I am at the ‘ugly stage’ just now and it’s quite disheartening when you have put in so much work, but I’ll plough on as I know it will come together eventually!


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