‘Ear ‘Ear!

I thought it might be helpful to show you a beagle ear step-by-step, plus it will remind me what I did!

Step 1IMG_6702 I start by covering the whole ear with short even strokes of Yellowed Orange.




Step 2IMG_6703I used Eggshell to mark in the highlights, short strokes echoing the direction of the fur.




Step 3IMG_6704An even layer of Mineral Orange and then Pumpkin Orange with short strokes in the fur direction, all over the ear blending the Eggshell areas. I also use 20% Warm Grey on the lower right part of the ear as the fur has a grey sheen here caught by daylight.



Step 4IMG_6706 An even layer (short strokes in the fur direction again) mostly all over the ear with Dark Brown. I leave the highlighted areas and the lighter areas of fur. Really I am mapping out the patches of light and dark areas of fur while blending the areas.



Step 5IMG_6707Same as step 4 but with Sepia. I go over certain areas that should be darker.




Step 6IMG_6708This step is the same as 4 and 5 adding and blending Sepia and Dark Brown until I achieve the dark fur that I need. I am still using short strokes following the direction of the fur. I also add a very light layer of black on the darkest areas and then go over it with a layer of Dark Brown and Sepia again. This is because black itself can look very dull and flat but I need it to achieve good dark fur.

Finally, I use my judgement to add bits of each pencil here and there that I see fit. And this is where I finish for today:


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