‘Brodie’ Latest Progress

A lovely Saturday spent on my couch with my pencils and this is the latest progress. I did a quick revision of the muzzle first adding some darker brown as I noticed that the real-life Brodie has a much dark mouth area than I had painted.

IMG_6700So, here’s the latest progress: her left ear. It’s not terribly exciting but I knew I would have to record what pencils made up the layers, the colours and their order, so that I could maintain the texture and colours of the fur elsewhere. And why not record it here therefore helping both me and you?

I began with an all over layer of Yellowed Orange, short sharp strokes in the direction that the fur goes. It’s very bright and you may get scared as it doesn’t look very natural but this layer is not going to be seen and it will give a warm glow from under all the other layers. Next, I moved on to the light areas mainly down the left side of the ear where the daylight caught it, using Eggshell and White. Mid-range colours mix all over: Mineral Orange, Pumpkin Orange and Burnt Ochre. The darker moulding and shading was done with a mix of Chestnut, Dark Brown and Sepia. All of this coverage is done with short strokes in the direction of the fur growth and built up over many layers. I was careful to maintain the white fur overlaps that I drew in before starting the tan ear and I will go back over them now that the ear is finished. For now.

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