‘Brodie’ Update

IMG_6690I have been working on Brodie’s muzzle. Using white, clay rose, sepia, 50% French Rose and touches of black in short strokes, I have built up the fur on the underside of her mouth. I first, though, drew in the thick, white, long, singular whiskers and worked around them. The Prismas don’t stay sharp long enough to work quickly and I often have to sharpen them and pray that they don’t break. I have added a Derwent Coloursoft in white into the mix as it layers on top of other pencil well and I am having to keep the whites sharp.

Just now it’s at an ugly-not-so-sure-about-it phase. Without the rest of Brodie’s head the floating nose and muzzle looks odd and the folds make her look old. I can see that I am going to have to darken the centre area of her mouth. But here’s where we are now:





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