Trees and Colourful Skies

In an effort to get this blog back on track and likewise my drawing after Puppy-gate, I have been doodling a new header for the blog today. Trees and colourful skies. I am obsessed with both and my iPhoto library is overwhelmed with photos of trees and colourful skies. Trees fracturing the skies into a gazillion pieces. Warm smooshes of red, pink, purple, orange and yellow smeared across the sky. So my new header reflects that and as a treat some of my choicest photos.

IMG_6659 IMG_3705 DSCF0143 DSCF0204 DSCF0796 DSCF3794 DSCF0995 DSCF3361

No photoshopping done here and the first two are the views from the back of my house where the sun rises every morning in a beautiful display and the front where the sun sets in a dazzling display. There is nothing prettier than trees against colourful skies.

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